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We are more than planners, architects or engineers. We are team players who manage processes and create route maps.
Planning, Participation, Design and Feasibility are all brought together in a solution oriented approach.
As KEYM, we believe we can get to know society better and also express ourselves through our cities.
We are not architects or builders. We are an interconnected community of planning consultants and specialists that bring to bear cutting-edge integrated thinking, best practice, and strident creativity to make a project vision viable, whether that vision is for a neighborhood, an entire city, a region or an entire country.

We Are In Pursuit Of Renewability

We cooperate and build teams in order to revitalize our mutual values with Innovation/Vision/Enlightening. We believe that the difference between the solutions of a team and the solutions of an individual is like the difference between reality and imagination …
We identify the inner dynamics of every project through character analyses. These dynamics help us to build project staff and manage the process accordingly.
“We not only renew the cities, but also the practices.”


We create a balance mechanism among the public sector, private sector and the citizens in order to provide an atmosphere where they can communicate with empathy and no prejudice, we also facilitate and manage this relations systematic. We listen to each actor separately and create strategies accordingly.
“Sometimes the most powerful ideas come from combining two existing ideas nobody else ever thought to unite…”

Field Offices

Our field offices can be seen as Transparent Information Offices established with the aim of including citizens in the process and create opportunity for the public sector or investors to communicate with the locals. We design these offices uniquely to give the citizens a sense of belonging. Be it just for drinking tea or asking questions, everybody gets to sit and talk to a technical advisor in these places.
We consider our field offices to be essential for citizens to feel like a part of the process and also avoid any possible misinformation.

Participation and Negotiation

The heart-to-heart communication allows us to connect with every groups of locals. We thus turn the crucial information about user preferences into verbal and digital data.
We analyze and discuss the aforementioned data according to sectoral needs and public requirements. And we eventually use the final “synthesis” as a basis for the “negotiation” process.

Data visualization

It is usually difficult to narrate the complicated technical information, clarify the analyses, produce a synthesis and make them all understandable. We overcome this obstacle by using the special schemes and graphs developed by our experienced professionals.
Our expert staff design the presentations and the design works include project logos, websites, interactive mapping tools and also surveys, news, posters, documentaries, illustrations and creative infographic films.

3D Works

We pay special attention to the high quality graphical elements due to their importance for our projects. 3D models are particularly effective for decision makers to understand the planning and the design works.
We utilize the architectural physical models to create the initial sketches… We also use digital building diagrams, shadowing works, silhouettes, section and perspective views, different renders and animations, photo editing and conceptual operations in order to make our presentations understandable for everyone.

Giving sense to places

The most important factor shaping urban developments in modern times is information. Establishment of smart systems within this framework is necessary in order to acquire and store the daily “information” generated in cities.
We acquire the diverse urban data from various sources and use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to spatially integrate, analyze, view and share them with our counterparts.

We constantly improve our GIS skills by extensive research on new tools (e.g. rule based modeling, spatial statistics and etc.) and data sources in order to better understand the social dynamics and create interactive and informative maps about our strategy building, planning and design works.

KEYM online

While most of the data generated in cities are digital, the verbal information obtained as part of Planning, Design and Renewal processes is also quite important.
We are developing our own GIS based portal where we can gather all the relevant data and synthesize it with our broad experience in negotiations while getting constant feedback from citizens and thus benefitting from the power of IT as we transform urban spaces.