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Esenler Tuna Urban Renewal Project

Esenler Tuna Urban Renewal Project


: Esenler Municipality & ESKON Inc.
: Finished
Field Size
: 34 Ha
Number of Buildings
: 1.219
Number of Households
: 5.580
Current Construction Area
: 602.590 m²


  • Current Situation Analyses
  • Synthesis and Spatial Strategies
  • Urban Design
  • Action Plan
  • Mathematical and Financial Model
  • Feasibility
  • Visualization
  • Avant Projects
Esenler Tuna Urban Renewal Project
Esenler Tuna Urban Renewal Project

Analytical Works and spatial scheme and strategies has been produced within scope of Tuna Urban renewal Project.
The urban renewal approaches related to the whole of Esenler district aim to organize the urban structure in an integrated way, structurize the hierarchy of accessibility, provide a safe environment with continuous ecological corridors and evenly distribute urban density. One of the most important inputs of the spatial strategical scheme is to integrate the north-south axis of public transportation connections to the east-west axis. Another important input is to increase the amount of green areas per person from 0.3sq m to 6.5 sq. m. After producing and evaluating the analyses the primary transformation areas have been determined and Tuna neighborhood urban transformation area have been examined within this scope. The urban design Project has been produced in cooperation with “KCAP Architects&Planners” after the prestudy created the basis of the work.
The main goal of this urban renewal Project is to transform the dense urban environment into a livable, sustainable place with rich public resources.
Total zoned area is 224.521 sq m and average urban block area is 2.164 sq m in the Project area. On the other hand, total zoned area is 179.163 sq m and average urban block area is 1729 sq m in the current plan. The urban renewal approach of Keym which aims to create healthy, safe and quality areas have been used to combine the smaller urban blocks in the Project and this resulted in a 184687 sq m of total zoned area and 11543 sq m of average urban block area.
The draft plan proposes 50511 sq m of facility areas and conserves the facility locations of the existing plan which proposes 49170 sq m of facility area. At the same time, the total road area including sidewalks, bicycle trails and green spaces have been increased to 94187 sq m from 76210 sq m. Pedestrian sidewalks have been designed to be 10 m in 1st degree roads, 10m and 6 m in 2nd degree roads, and 6m and 8m in tertial roads.
Semipublic corridors have been designed between public areas and 9 m wide green corridors in primary, 6 and 4 m green corridors in secondary roads have been proposed in order to provide the continuity and connection of public spaces.