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Identification of Rightful Ownership

Field Assessment

The required data and documents are collected from the fields according to the contract during the field assessment. The works include field assessment survey, areal-structural assessments, taking photos and documenting.

Areal Analyses

The analyses include land use, urban facilities, parcel sizes, slope, elevation, aspect, ownership, suitability for settlement and etc.

Structural Analyses

These are detailed analyses of buildings in the project area. Building material, number of units, floors, workplaces, age, license status, heating type and etc. are examined during the assessments.

Identification of Rightful Ownership

This phase focuses on ownership matchings for every identified premise. It also includes determination of condominiums, construction servitude, land deed, land registry certificate and renters status.

Composition of Compendiums

Compendiums listing all the rightful owners identified during field assessments are created.