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Yarımburgaz Urban Renewal Project

Yarımburgaz Urban Renewal Project


: Küçükçekmece Municipality
: In Progress
Field Size
: 182 ha
Number of Buildings
: 1.213
Number of Households
: 3.771
Current Construction Area
: 520.226 m²


  • Workflow and Team Organization
  • Current Situation Analyses
  • Identification of Rightful Ownership
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Synthesis and Spatial Strategies
  • Urban Strategy Action Plan
  • Zoning Plan
  • Mathematical and Financial Model
  • Urban Design
  • Visualization
Yarımburgaz Urban Renewal Project
Yarımburgaz Urban Renewal Project

Yarımburgaz is an area which lacks social facilities and proper urban areas and is limited by a significant topographic threshold – Küçükçekmece Lake in its West, the old waste yard which is planned to be a thematic park in its East, TEM highway in its North and the military area which is also a significant manmade threshold, in its South.
The area is facing the abovementioned challenges and therefore field assessment works have been started by the local municipality as the first step of proper urban renewal project.
Each place is unique and sustainable planning requires to acknowledge the fact that every single building affects the urban space’s culture, even its climate. The roads are also an important part of a place’s identity. Therefore the ground principles for planning these places are to follow these inputs and conserve the identity as much as possible.
The objective of this project is to protect the physical, environmental and cultural values and transfer them to future generations. We also hope to set an example to similar projects in this regard by creating healthy urban environments as we improve the existing situation.